Svet Stromčekov (World of Christmas Trees): Increasing sales by 92 % thanks to the synergy of PPC plus SEO


Our task was to boost sales from paid campaigns, while lowering the cost per conversion ratio. A secondary task was to increase organic traffic to the website and sales from it.

The goal

To increase sales from paid campaigns by 50 %, while lowering the cost per conversion ratio below the previous year’s outstanding level (5.22 %).

To additionally increase sales from organic traffic by 60 %, and organic traffic by 100 %.


  • The client’s sales increased by 92 % year-on-year. Sales from paid campaigns and organic traffic grew by 95 % and 124 %, respectively.
  • The cost per conversion from paid ads fell from 5.22 % to 4.69 %, and organic traffic grew by 148 %.

How we achieved this

In 2020, we began focusing on the SEE phase of the sales cycle (from the See Think Do Care model), and also building brand awareness via YouTube video ads.

Advertising communication, especially in the search network, relied more heavily on flash sales – between September and December, we communicated 18 different sales and promotions, including Black Friday. We used an ad optimising tool by Google.

In 2020, the website underwent a redesign, which we consulted on. We launched a complex approach to SEO on the Slovak, Czech, and Hungarian markets. We designed a strategy based on technical SEO and building backlinks, of which we gained a total of 159.



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