ŠUPA Technika: A digital marketing reboot


Our client ŠUPA Technika, a well-known seller of gardening and professional tools, approached us with a challenge to reboot their underdeveloped digital marketing.

The online shop was not optimised, analytics were neglected, Facebook communication was sporadic, and paid campaigns had a lot of untapped potential.

The goal

Our goal for 2019 was to reach 25 % share of brand visibility within its market segment on Facebook, and a 20 % year-on-year increase in organic traffic.


ŠUPA Technika is back in the game with excellent results in digital marketing from 2019:

2nd place

We reached second place in visibility within the segment on Facebook, with a 33 % share.


The overall reach on Facebook was almost 7,500,000 views


We achieved a 100 % increase in the number of phrases in the TOP 3 results on Google.sk

33 %

We increased the click-through rate from organic search results on Google.sk by 33 %

How we achieved this

We reinvigorated Facebook communication, set up detailed analytics, launched complex search engine optimisation, and designed automatic paid campaigns.

The most important thing for ŠUPA Technika was to implement basic metrics on their website to gain an idea of its performance.

Afterwards, we systematically set up paid campaigns and began building an “organic traffic machine” in the form of fine-tuned content marketing strategy, all the necessary analyses, content editing, and new content creation.

At the same time, we updated the client’s Facebook profile, designed a Facebook plan and strategy, and launched regular communication to boost the brand and online shop performance.


ŠUPA Technika

ŠUPA Technika
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