our team

SEO specialists, PPC specialists, social media managers, account managers, salespeople, and creatives. Experts in charge of your projects. Our colleagues and friends.

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Online advertising specialists. Their playing field is Google and ads on social media. They deploy and optimise ads and scrutinise your customers’ every purchase one after another.

Social Media Marketing

Experienced social media marketers take care of all your social media management needs. They propose a strategy, design creatives, and if necessary find you the right #influencer.

Account Managers

You know you’ve got the best account manager when you don’t even notice you’ve got one directing your project. We know that ours are just like that.

Business Consultants

The best salespeople, however, are the ones everybody knows. Are you interested in our services? Speak to our project consultants.

HR Department

Our HR specialists are in charge of finding the best talent out there, but also striking the right balance between work and play.