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Do you need a quick, simple, and responsive website? A website will be built that appeals to Google and your users alike.

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Functional specification and content structure

  • collecting and outlining the exact characteristics of all the functional elements of your website based on your goals
  • creating the website content structure based on keyword analysis


  • the basic element of website design
  • creating a wireframe – the website structure
  • selecting key elements of the web interface for individual sections of the website

Website graphic design

  • the visual representation of the landing page and individual sub-pages using prototyping tools
  • the ability to view simple animations, click-throughs, and effects that will all be part of your website
  • building the website according to your unique tailored design
  • in-house development and design to achieve the best results (only using Javascripts and elements that the website truly needs)

Website building

  • website development – from simple presentation websites, to online shops, to complex systems
  • implementation of A/B testing of individual elements on the live website
  • editing and optimising XML feeds
  • search engine (Google) and web browser optimisation
  • optimisation for multiple device types (laptop, large monitor, mobile, tablet, etc.)
  • loading speed optimisation for higher user comfort
  • connecting the website to WordPress CMS
  • user-friendly editing of websites using a CMS
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