INCON: How we turned INCON windows into a digital content star


We have been working with Slovak window and door producer INCON since 2015. Thanks to complex digital marketing, we managed to turn INCON into a digital star in its market segment in 2019.

The task was to direct the attention of the target audience towards the seemingly dull world of windows and doors, and succeed in a highly competitive market.

The goal

  • To overtake the competition with the visibility of the INCON brand on Facebook
  • To increase organic traffic by 50 % year-on-year
  • To increase blog interactions by 100 % year-on-year


  • INCON became the most visible brand among the competition on Facebook in 2019.
  • Organic traffic increased by 77 %.
  • The click-through rate from blog posts increased by 318 %.


How we achieved this

We realised that windows are something that we all take for granted, but hardly anyone knows much about. That is why we began engaging the market through educational content, creative communication on Facebook, search engine optimisation, and thoroughly tweaked paid campaigns.



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