They reflect what is most important. A relaxed atmosphere, continuous progress, learning and sharing know-how, but most of all an undying love for marketing.


Happiness breeds performance

There is a relaxed, informal atmosphere here, full of humour and banter. Happiness at work shows in communication with clients.

Passion ignites progress

Progress is paramount and change and innovation hold no fear. Every project is different, and every client is unique. We have significant know-how, which is why we never rest on our laurels, but continually strive to develop.

We are systematically efficient

And efficiently systematic. The atmosphere is relaxed, but deadlines are sacred. Work is more effective with excellent management processes and strong teams, making it easier deliver transparent, high-quality services step by step.

We share what we know

In this segment, it’s impossible to hide knowledge. Educating is our mission, spreading awareness of online marketing for free, and sharing existing knowledge. We educate clients, marketers, students, (semi)professionals and amateurs.

We find pleasure in our work every day

We love marketing, our jobs, and each other. We love freedom at work and in decision-making, and we don’t care who knows it. We work with emotions, and we’ve learned that our positivity is tantamount to our clients’ satisfaction.