company benefits

Working is easy when you love where you work. There are such great benefits that even the bosses like to get involved.

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Flexible working hours

Time is relative as long as the work gets done. Arrival time and home time are flexible, so there’s time to experience life’s ups and downs outside work.

Language lessons

Everyone speaks English these days, apparently. To be even better, English lessons are provided.


Working at a computer can be hard. Watching a TV series gives you a mental break, and your body can get one with an expert onsite massage.


Scooters are very in right now, and bikes have been in for over 100 years. Both are used here for short trips.

MultiSport Card

When the TV has been on enough, unwind with various sports and relaxation activities with the MultiSport card.


The agency that does its homework, tops the class. Marketing and digital conferences are a must. We educate ourselves and others, too – #visiblog.

Birthdays off

Happy birthday! On the day you were born, you automatically get the day off.

Office refreshments

Recharge with fresh fruit, tea and coffee, and various sweet and savoury snacks. All of us, our better halves included, are excellent bakers, and we bring in home-baked goodies all the time.