Róbert Mikuš

Róbert Mikuš

Performance Specialist
In 2018, a friend who had been involved in it for some time introduced me to online marketing. Since I was very interested in this, I realized that this is an area I would like to start addressing. Subsequently, I became interested in online marketing more and more through self-education, later I went through a basic course on ppc advertising, which interested me most of all marketing spheres. After successfully completing the course, I got an unpaid internship, after which I subsequently found a job as a performance specialist in a smaller agency, and from 2019 I started working on my first real ppc campaigns. In addition to my work, I really enjoy sports, especially tennis and strengthening, which I currently do recreationally.
  • Google Ads Apps

  • Google Ads Display

  • Google Ads Search

  • Google Ads Shopping

  • Google Ads Video Certification