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Do you need to steer people to your website but don’t have the right content? A comprehensive proposal will be developed for you to attract visitors and engage them at the right stage.

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Do you want to build the right content for your website?

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Content strategy

  • The unique value proposition your online content can deliver will be identified, as well as the target audiences to aim it at.
  • You’ll get drafted types of content and topic areas your brand will be associated with, and plans for how your website will get these across to your target audience.
  • Thoughtful personas and keyword analysis will help identify precisely what your customers are searching for.
  • Tailor-made content will be developed for each phase of the customer “shopping” cycle.

Content audit

  • analysis of the performance of existing content and proposing further steps
  • optimising page content and proposing suggestions for suitable content

Content setup

  • devising personas – representatives of target audiences
  • defining topics based on keyword analysis
  • establishing an editorial calendar
  • regular content creation following the proposed strategy (copywriting, blogs, etc.)

Analysis and evaluation of content activities

  • regular analysis of content activities
  • evaluating the success rate
  • proposing actions to improve content


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