The start of a new year brings exciting changes that should be kept from the attention of any social media manager.

The cancellation of Stories during upload

Instagram is adding a new feature to improve the user experience: the ability to cancel Stories uploads. This feature is in response to a common problem many users have had: inadvertently adding content they didn’t want to post and then having to wait for that content to be published before they could delete it.  

With the new “Undo Upload” feature, users can reverse their decision at any time during the upload process to prevent unwanted content from being published.

The new feature to cancel Stories during their upload

TikTok is testing 30-minute videos

TikTok is entering the next phase of its development, and some users can already upload videos that are up to 30 minutes in length. 

The TikTok app has been increasing the maximum length of posts for several years. It originally started with a limit of 15 seconds per clip, which was subsequently extended to 60 seconds, then to 3 minutes, then to 5 minutes, and then increased to 10 minutes in 2022. In October last year, TikTok began experimenting with recording 15-minute videos.

TikTok is currently testing 30-minute videos.


Threads will soon launch concept posts

Soon, users of the Threads app will be able to save their posts as concepts. This new feature will allow them to return later and edit their thoughts.

Threads will soon launch a new feature to save posts as a concept.


TikTok encourages users to post widescreen videos

The platform that made a name for itself with full-screen vertical videos is now encouraging its users to create content in a horizontal format.

TikTok is offering select creators the attractive option of increased views for videos shot in landscape format. Videos shot horizontally and more than 1 minute in length will be preferentially highlighted in the app for 72 hours.

TikTok encourages users to post widescreen videos.


Instagram introduces new alternative profiles

Instagram has launched a new Flipside alternative profile option for a small group of users.

Instagram introduces new alternative profiles


As you can see in the screenshots above, Flipside offers an alternate profile environment that’s exclusively available to you and your selected followers. Once you’ve created a Flipside profile. You can choose your audience, which means your post will only go to that space. You can then visit and browse your Flipside profile as an alternative profile gallery, including the ability to change your name and profile photo.

This innovation is another step towards more private content sharing, which has been a growing trend recently.