In December, we gathered the most exciting things from social networks again. Get inspired and discover the latest features and updates you can start using.

Threads finally available in Slovakia

Meta officially launched the social network Threads on the Slovak market on December 14, 2023. This app is an extension of Instagram, and you only need to use your existing Instagram account to sign in.

The main goal of Threads is to provide users with innovative ways of online communication with an emphasis on text posts. It allows you to share them at a length of up to 500 words, opening up the space for a more profound and comprehensive exchange of opinions and ideas.

Threads are finally available in Slovakia.


Instagram has officially deleted the feature – Guide

The Guide feature allowed content creators to showcase their ideas through a combination of visuals and short text descriptions, providing a unique way to share information and ideas. Despite this, it gained just very little popularity among users.

As a result, Instagram has decided to discontinue support for this feature, making it clear that it will focus on more attractive and valuable features for its community. If you have created a Wizard on your profile, you can still download it until March 14, 2024. However, other users will no longer see it.

Instagram has officially deleted the feature – Guide


Choose your favorite Instagram conversation theme 

How to do it? 

  • To add or change your background, click on the messages.
  • Choose a specific conversation.
  • Click on the name of the chat or the name of the person you’re chatting with. 
  • Click on the theme, and several options for choosing a new background will pop up. 
  • When you click on a specific background, it will automatically change.

Options for background themes in Instagram conversations.

TikTok tests new desktop tools for creators and marketers

TikTok is coming out with various innovative tools designed specifically for content creators to help them optimize their performance on the platform. Among these new features, the redesigned Creator Center user interface stands out. This interface is designed for desktop use and provides enhanced analytics reports and improved search tools.

TikTok is testing new desktop tools for creators and marketers


As you can see from the example, the new format provides easy access to analyzing the performance of your posts and getting feedback from your audience thanks to intuitive full-screen views of critical metrics.

This advancement should make it easier to manage profiles on TikTok directly from desktop devices, which is a significant advantage for social media managers who work across multiple accounts. This new feature has the potential to streamline work and significantly increase interaction with audiences.

Instagram adds new engagement options with feature – Add your own

Instagram is opening up new horizons of creativity for its users through an innovative feature that allows creating custom templates under the name ‘Add Your Own‘. The move is aimed at encouraging more engagement and interactivity among users.

According to Instagram, this feature allows users to create and share unique, memorable templates. These templates open new avenues to express personal creativity in stories and enable users to share thoughts and ideas with their followers.

If you’re interested in creating an “Add Your Own” template, start by adding text or images to your story to include in the template. Then, select “Add Your Own” from the sticker bar to personalize the elements to your liking.

You can also use Instagram’s pre-made templates for further inspiration or a base for your template. These can be found by clicking the cubes icon at the bottom of the interface.

Ability to create your own template on Instagram