Find your way around social media news quickly and efficiently. In this article, we’ll show you the latest trends for October.

Instagram brings the ability to share stories with multiple groups at once

Instagram continues to lean towards more closed group sharing. The latest feature allows users to share stories with multiple select groups simultaneously.

As you can see in the example shared by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, you can create and utilize additional custom lists in addition to the existing “Close Friends” list introduced in 2018. 

This feature gives you more freedom in who you share your content with. With this access, you can share your photos and videos publicly and in select closed groups, giving you more control over who sees your content.

Instagram brings the ability to share stories with multiple groups at once.

Source: Adam Mosseri News Feed

Social media platform WhatsApp adds account switching to the app

WhatsApp is bringing a small but significant update that many users have been waiting for a long time. It’s now possible to conveniently switch between alternative accounts in the app without logging out and signing in.

The app now allows you to have two accounts logged in simultaneously. This feature is handy when switching between work and personal accounts. The ability to easily switch between accounts, similar to Facebook and Instagram, is a handy update that will make things easier for many users.

However, setting up a second account is a bit more complicated than the standard account switching options. You need to use a different phone number to activate the second account.

WhatsApp adds account switching to its app.


Instagram adds polls to comments on posts and Reels

Instagram introduces another feature to increase user engagement with fans. Instagram is adding polls in comments, which are currently in a testing phase with select users.

As you can see in the example below, this new feature will allow users to insert interactive polls directly into the comments under both posts and Reels.

Polls have already proven to be a popular form of engagement in other apps, as they offer a simple way to engage with content and discussion in an opinion-based way.

For brands and creators, polls can also be an excellent way to get feedback and effectively increase interactivity on their profiles. This feature makes it easier to get more interactions, which is a positive signal for Instagram’s algorithm as well.

Instagram adds polls to post comments and Reels.

Source: Adam Mosseri News Feed

Social media platform YouTube is testing new comment controls to manage video interactions

YouTube is testing a new feature allowing creators to turn off future comments on selected videos while keeping all previous comments. The main goal of this innovation is to maintain the level of discussion and give creators more control over video discussions.

This can be particularly useful in situations where content attracts unwanted attention. When this setting is activated, viewers will see a notification in the comments section saying “Comments are paused” to alert them to this change, but they can still view existing comments.

As part of this experiment, creators will find three options in the comments controls: ‘On,’ ‘Paused’, and ‘Off.’

Instagram is testing a new specialized channel with content only from “Meta Verified” accounts

Meta is moving into the next phase of testing its paid verification program through a new experiment. Instagram users can set their primary feeds to show posts from users with Meta verification only.

Meta verification has recently been extended to brand accounts, adding to the diversity of content in this specific channel. However, it could be more apparent why the average user would prefer only to see posts from accounts that have paid for higher visibility.

Instagram is testing a new dedicated channel with content only from "Meta verified" accounts.

Source: Adam Mosseri News Feed