Taking care of the physical as well as mental health of employees is one of the key factors for work performance and a good team atmosphere. It should therefore be a priority when figuring out company benefits. Read on to find out how to look after the health of colleagues.

Fruit 🍊

Ensure a supply of fresh vitamins through a fruit bowl. You can rotate your fruit seasonally. Over the summer, a well-chilled melon, pineapple, pumpkin or frozen grapes will come in handy. During the winter season, for example, oranges, apples, and tangerines. You can also make fresh fruit if your office has a blender.

Teas 🍵 

A variety of herbal loose teas will delight every soul in the colder season. Homemade honey from a local beekeeper goes well with the teas for sweetening. If anyone prefers fresh teas, keep ginger, mint on hand – this combination is sure to boost your immunity. Loose green and black tea should not be missed either.

Massages 💆

As a company benefit you can offer massages directly in the office. Many employees will appreciate a short relaxation or a half-hour power nap in addition to sedentary work. Thanks to the massage, the cells, muscles or blood vessels and the entire lymphatic system will be recharged. Massage also starts the chemical, physiological processes in the body along with the immune system.

Multisport card 

A popular company benefit to promote physical and mental health is the well-known multisport card, thanks to which employees have discounted admission to various sports facilities, relaxation centers or many other activities.

Warm-ups 🏋️

Stretching or a 10-minute warm-up in the morning can boost work performance. Get your employees off to a good start (in a good way) by exercising first thing in the morning!

Mental Health ❤️‍

Employers can contribute to mental health with flexible working hours during which employees can coordinate their activities. Flexible working hours allow a work-life balance. You can also offer the option of working from home in addition to flexible working hours.

Mental health needs to be taken care of. One of the options is a company psychologist if you are already a larger company, or discounts on psychological counselling or expert lectures on mental health topics.

Read also the article Burnout syndrome: what are the symptoms and how to prevent it? (advice from a psychologist).

Football, volleyball and basketball ⚽ 🏀

If a bunch of collegiate sports fans get together, rent them a hall or space for this activity to promote their physical and mental health. 

Prevention 🧑‍⚕️

Encourage your employees to visit the doctor and get regular preventive check-ups by allowing them to take an extra half day of vacation.

Health education 

Place smaller information leaflets with different exercises e.g. breathing exercises in prominent places in the office area. You can rotate these leaflets on a regular basis, and you can also alternate between mental and physical health topics.

Another tip can be to have lectures with practitioners. You could partner with an external firm to come to the office to present the topic to your colleagues.

Yoga 🧘

Yoga helps eliminate stress, back pain and tension. Practice office yoga on your office chair or at your office desk.

Dance classes 💃🕺

In addition to sports activities, don’t be afraid to organize dance classes. It can be a one-off activity, but also regular Latin dance classes.

Extra days off for important life events 👰👶

Provide days off for life events such as a wedding, birth of a child or birthday. Give employees less stress and plenty of time to plan or celebrate these special moments.

Workplace Ergonomics 🧑‍💼 💻

Adapt the working environment with equipment that puts as little strain on the spine as possible. For example, by buying height-adjustable desks or high-quality office chairs. You should also instruct employees on correct posture at work.

Chillout zone 🎮 

Place a football table in a shared space in the office. This works great for chilling out alongside work. It’s also a good way to strengthen the team or make new friends.

Game consoles such as xbox or playstation can also be part of the chillout zone.

Equip this area with comfortable seats or bean bags. Employees can take a break from work and come up with other ideas here.