Are you organizing, or have you drawn Secret Santa, and you need gift ideas? Don’t worry; we’ve got 20 tips for Christmas gifts within a budget of 15 euros that will bring joy to any recipient.

Marry socks 🧦

A classic approved by Dumbledore. But this gift is not limited by age or gender. For their universality and playfulness, merry socks make an ideal present.

Bookstore voucher 📚

For reading and learning enthusiasts, a bookstore voucher is like a gift card to the world of endless stories, which is a perfect present for Secret Santa.

High-quality hot chocolate and a mug 🍫

The combination of quality hot chocolate and a nice mug is welcomed by anyone who enjoys sweet or warm beverages. This gift will remind your colleague of their childhood times.

Lunch Boxes for work

Unique food containers with compartments make a practical gift for those who prefer bringing home-cooked meals or takeout.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottle or Thermos 🍶

Keep your colleagues hydrated and encourage them to follow their drinking regime. It will be easier with a nice bottle.

Specialty coffee from the roastery ☕

Coffee lovers will appreciate a gift set of various aromatic coffee machines or specialties. Choose a local roastery that supports fair trade.

Invitation to lunch ✉️

Give the gift of a gastronomic experience in a favorite restaurant or cafe. An original gift that also offers shared experiences.

Indoor Plant 🪴

An indoor plant will beautifully decorate the office desk and bring positive energy. When choosing, consider plants that are easy to care for. You know how it goes. 😀 A few tips: cactus, ZZ plant, aloe vera, or snake plant.

Indoor plant Zamioculcas in a brown pot.

2024 Diary as gift for Secret Santa 🗓️

Help a colleague start the new year with a well-organized diary.

Task Notebook 📔

For colleagues who like to keep things under control, a notebook for recording duties is a practical gift. Remember the excellent design!

A small thing for a pet 🐕

If your colleague has a furry friend, treats or toys for their pet are always appreciated.

Scrunchie and Eco-Face Mask

More than one colleague appreciates relaxation after a hard day. When choosing, reach for an eco face mask and a gentle satin elastic on the hair.

Canvas bag with a Nice Design 🛍️

You can always have a few bags. A canvas bag is ecological and trendy; you can always have it at hand. You can easily personalize it with your favorite quote or picture. You can also do it yourself and use colors for textiles. This type of gift will have even more value.

Scented Soy Candle 🕯️

Treat your colleague to an atmosphere with a Christmas soy candle, which is more environmentally friendly. Reach for scents that remind you of Christmas, such as clove, vanilla, cinnamon, and apple.

Soy candle with a twig on a beige fabric.

Chili Spice 🌶️

For lovers of spicy flavors, buy quality chili peppers for their kitchen.

Craft beers 🍺

Craft beers from local breweries will introduce your colleagues to new flavors and variety. Quality craft beer is a great companion for an evening of football or hockey.

Lego and puzzles 

Even adults will appreciate creative entertainment, whether with Lego or puzzles.

Sports Accessories

Support your colleague in their hobbies and healthy lifestyle. Find out in advance what sport they’re into and choose a gift accordingly. Some suggestions include a mobile holder, water bottle, crossbody bag, or body protectors.

Mobile phone case 📱

A mobile phone case is a practical and stylish gift for those who like to protect their mobile phones. You can also personalize the phone case with a favorite saying, a witty remark, or a photo.

A cigar as gift for Secret Santa

This type of gift is suitable for those who like to relax with a quality cigar.