If you know how to do it, Christmas at Work can be fun and full of Christmas spirit. If you still need to, we’ve got some tips to help you create a Christmas atmosphere in your working environment. From original decorations to Christmas smells and tastes, discover ways to make your daily routine more enjoyable and share the Christmas spirit with colleagues. 

Christmas decorations at Work🎄🔔🌟

Brighten up your office space with minor decorations. You can also create a Christmas vibe with the help of simple decorations such as:

  • Lights that you can place around wall installations or in common areas,
  • Christmas flower Poinsettia placed at the entrance to the company,
  • vases can be enlivened with twigs from coniferous trees,
  • hanging decorations like snowflakes.

Scent of Christmas at Work🕯️🎄

When choosing scents, consider vanilla, citrus, clove, or cinnamon. Good choices for scenting the Office are:

  • Scented sticks,
  • Diffuser with aroma,
  • Air freshener,
  • Fragrance Essence.

Christmas Song at Work🎷 🎶

Create a corporate playlist with Christmas songs. Send out a questionnaire for colleagues to write their favorite Christmas songs. Collect the answers and add them to the album. The best app for creating such a playlist is Spotify. Alternatively, you can create a shared playlist on Spotify where everyone can add their song; it depends on how much you trust your colleagues. 😀 Listen to the music and tune in for the coming Christmas.

Christmas snacks🍪🍬

Change up the snacks, teas, or coffees in the Office. Replace them with something seasonal that fits in with the current Christmas season. Concentrate on cinnamon, plum, clove, vanilla, apple, orange, and mandarin flavors. 

Drinks ☕️🍵

You can brighten up your coffee menu by buying a variety of syrups such as caramel, vanilla, or gingerbread. Coffee roasters also tend to sell unique Christmas blends before Christmas. A good choice can also be the trendy chai latte

For teas, we would reach for a selection of roasted ones. Treat your colleagues to a taste experience with the bold, fruity flavors combined with spices and herbs. 

Add hot chocolate with whipped cream to the menu to create an even more varied selection. Colleagues will appreciate it, it will be a nice change. Hot chocolate will create the right atmosphere and nostalgia, taking colleagues back to carefree childhood days.🍫

Cupcakes at Work 🍰✨

Stock the snack and candy bar with shortbread, cookies, gingerbread, and saltines. Everything sweet is associated with the Christmas season. To make it not just about sweets, add fruits that we associate with this time, such as pineapple, tangerines, or other citrus fruits. The so-called balance. 😀 😀

Remember those who prefer salty snacks, too. Nuts, pistachios, or cashews will find more than one favorite.

Christmas cookies with foam and currants on top.

Homemade confectionery

Christmas is a season of sharing and joy, so try applying that in the Office, too. Employees can help create a Christmas atmosphere by bringing their Christmas goodies into the Office. Homemade gingerbread cookies, caramel nut wafers, linzer cookies, vanilla crescent cookies, bear paws, wafers, or other treats. Sharing food can create an atmosphere of togetherness and support. Colleagues can sample a variety of sweets, share their recipes, or inspire others.

St. Nicholas at Work 🎅🏻🎁🧑‍🎄

Prepare a small surprise for your colleagues according to how they “obeyed,” in the form of some trifle or small chocolate, but there is no limit to creativity. Organize a company, St. Nicholas Day, where employees can bring their children.

Christmas movie screening

Choose one of the Christmas classics and make a Christmas cinema screening. Choose from fairy tales such as Frozen, the unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas, and the American classics Home Alone, Christmas Story, and Love Actually.

In addition to the film, don’t forget the blankets, the smell, something warm to drink and small Christmas snacks.

Christmas Party at Work 🎉🍾✨

Organize a company party for your colleagues. Prepare various activities, fun competitions, or a Christmas photo booth with props. You can also make use of the Christmas mentioned above company playlist.

If you want to make your Christmas party more enjoyable, come up with a theme like a Great Gatsby-style evening. You can adapt the decorations, catering, and even the program to the theme you choose.


  • Chocolate fountain with fresh fruit,
  • macaroons, tiramisu,
  • One-pot desserts,
  • Christmas punches – alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Fun competitions

  • Best Christmas punch per team/department,
  • Most beautifully decorated gingerbread house.


  • Photo booth with props,
  • Secret Santa,
  • Christmas raffle.


  • Stand-up comedy,
  • musical performance,
  • dance workshop, which is the theme of the party.

People with Santa hats on their heads at a Christmas party.

Christmas Market at Work 🎄🛍️🎁

If anyone in the company is involved in handmade product creation or other activities, please support them. Create an internal Christmas market-type event for your colleagues, friends, or family friends to come and see these products and possibly buy Christmas gifts.