Over the last month, there have been some exciting innovations for creators and companies. Meet six September innovations that every social media manager should attend.

You can use multiple personal profiles on Facebook

Starting in September, you can create multiple personal profiles on Facebook. Each of them will have a different and unique Feed. You can easily switch between profiles without having to log in.

You can create profiles whether you are new to Facebook or a long-time user. According to Meta, this clearer arrangement of friends, groups, and interests will help to make content more free and organized.

You can use multiple personal profiles on Facebook
Source: https://about.fb.com/news/2023/09/you-can-now-have-multiple-personal-profiles-on-facebook

New in Reels on Instagram

A minor update in Reels that brings Instagram closer to TikTok again. You can now only view Reels from accounts you follow.

Previously, Instagram only offered one Reels channel, which showed a combination of posts you follow and featured clips.

From now on, you can only watch Reelska from the accounts you follow.
Source: Adam Mosseri Information Channel

Polls are available again on the Facebook pages.

Polls have been unavailable on Facebook pages for several years. However, it was still possible to use polls within Facebook Groups. Today, polls have also returned to the site, but the ability to create them is limited to the Facebook mobile app.

When creating a poll, you can choose any number of answers and any number of images to go with each answer. Unfortunately, the option to promote the poll is still missing.


Instagram adds AI-powered image editing.

Instagram will soon add two new features that will generate images using artificial intelligence.

The first feature, Restyle, will allow you to reshape your images using different visual styles that you describe, such as a collage from magazines or a picture painted with watercolors.

The second feature, Backdrop, will change the background of your photo. For example, you type in “I want to be surrounded by puppies,” and the AI will generate a primary object with the background you describe.

However, the images will indicate the use of AI to reduce the likelihood of people mistaking them for human-generated content.

Instagram is adding AI-assisted image editing.

Instagram adds artificial intelligence image editing

Meta Verified service extension for corporate sites

Meta is extending the Meta Verified service to corporate sites. Subscriptions for business sites will include blue badge business verification, protection against impersonation, access to account support, and greater business site discoverability.

Monthly subscriptions will cost $21.99 for a Facebook Page/Instagram account or a combined package for $34.99. In the future, Meta is also looking to expand this service to WhatsApp business accounts.

Meta Verified service extension for corporate sites
Source: https://about.fb.com/news/2023/09/meta-verified-for-businesses/

Instagram introduces the ability to share feed posts only with close friends

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has repeatedly stated that Instagram users are now sharing more content via messages – DMs, rather than posts in feeds or Stories.

That’s why they decided to set up a new option to share posts only with close friends.

Sharing posts only with close friends allows users to interact more frequently and feel more comfortable if they know that only a few people close to them will see their posts.

It’s not a major change, but it does provide another option to facilitate more closed and, of course, more frequent group discussions.

Instagram introduces the ability to share feed posts only with close friends
Source: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/instagrams-rolling-out-option-share-feed-posts-close-friends/692778/