In August, we welcomed a new member to our local independent agency network, Visibility 360 Group, the video production company Fruits. This brings the number of agencies taking care of your marketing and advertising activities to 10.

Tomas, the head of Fruits video production, was interviewed by Juraj Sasko, the network’s founder.

Hi Tomas, first of all, we welcome you and your colleagues to Visibility 360 Group and look forward to working with you. 🙂

First, what makes your agency-specific, and what makes you stand out above your competitors?

Hi, thank you. We are happy to be a member of Visibility 360 Group and look forward to working with you as well. 🙂

We have an advantage in two things. The first is the range of services – from animations, livestreams, and YouTube audits to classic video production. Thanks to our studio, we also do podcasts, voiceovers, and other audio output. As a result, we’re flexible and can produce quickly.

The second advantage is that we are concerned with the visual aspect of our outputs and their performance. We want to make videos that people naturally want to watch.

What are you particularly proud of?

In the relatively short time we’ve existed (founded in 2018), we’ve had the opportunity to work for many great clients, including large and well-known companies. Most of the collaborations have yet to be one-offs. We have built stable and quality relationships and a great team of people. This makes us the happiest, and we appreciate it.

What do you expect from being a member of the Visibility 360 Group?

Especially knowledge development. We look forward to working closely with people with something to teach us. Of course, we also commit to bringing value to V360G.

What are the immediate plans?

To work harder, get better, and get a bit more eyeballs. 🙂

And conversely, the long term? Where, or rather, what position would you like to be in 10 years from now?

We want to be “top of mind” when you say “video”.

Do you have any advice for startups/smaller agencies with big goals?

We are still a tiny and young agency, so we are more cautious with advice. 🙂 But we know we got to where we are today through hard work. Initially, we were often for crappy money, but we wanted to gain experience and clients. It’s coming back to us today, so we’d recommend not having big eyes and working hard.

One last question at the end: who or what are your inspirations?

Individually, we have different role models. Like Fruits, we are impressed by companies that their customers look up to and like. We know it’s a long-term and challenging goal that only some people manage to achieve, which makes it inspiring.

Thank you, and fingers crossed!