Visibility is a digital marketing agency. We are the founding member of the Visibility 360 Group and members of the international marketing agency networks CommUnity International Network and Everywhere Network.

We are the best performing agency for both 2020 and 2021, and this year we again became a Google Premier Partner agency.

We provide a complete marketing strategy for our clients, from market research, branding, and web development, to the creation and management of content marketing and performance activities.

Our goal is to continually move forward, whether we’re working on our clients’ results or on improving our services.

Have a look at the market overview in terms of CPC (cost per click) for the past year, which we would like to share:

  • From the overall CPC overview, it’s nice to see that the peak of the year is in November, coinciding with Black Friday. Here, the cost per click almost doubled compared to the “cheapest” month of the year (February).
  • From November to March, the CPC has a downward trend. After that, investments in online advertising pick up and interest drops off again in the summer. We can see an upswing again from September until the aforementioned peak in November.
  • The weekly stats nicely illustrate how the CPC reaches a peak during Black Friday week. Before Black Friday, it slowly rises, and after BF it drops again.
  • Compared to last year, there has been an upward trend in overall CPC so far this year and advertising is more expensive this year compared to last.
  • For Search, Shopping, and Display ads, June/July is the second peak of the year.

What insights have you picked up on?

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CPC market development for 2021

CPC market development preview for 2021 by Visibility