The world of social media never sleeps and brings innovations every month. August is no exception. This month brings diverse innovations that elevate the quality of communication in the online space. So, let’s take a look at the latest social networking trends.

Longer Reels

Instagram has started experimenting with lengthening Reels. From the current 90 seconds, they would be extended up to 10 minutes.

This news is a throwback to the IGTV platform, which Instagram removed last year. However, it differs because people can continue viewing long content by clicking through other sections.

Instagram has started experimenting with extending Reels to 10 min

Safer Messenger 

By the end of this year, we can look forward to a significant update to the Messenger chat app from Meta. Although many of us won’t notice this change at first glance, it will significantly improve security.

Messenger will expand its end-to-end encryption feature, which until now has been limited to only secret conversations within the app. The server administrator and the communication channel will secure your messages.

Messenger will expand its end-to-end encryption feature.

Instagram introduces new Add your sticker – (Add yours)

Using the “Add Yours” sticker, you can invite your followers to participate in an exciting challenge in your Reels.

After they respond, you can manually select the best posts, which will be visible to everyone when they click “Add Yours”.

Instagram introduces a new Add Yours sticker

WhatsApp adds support for HD images

WhatsApp’s new option will provide a better way to share images in your messages. The “HD” logo will appear on uploaded visuals, where you can then choose how your pictures appear.

This optional process is helpful for those with low connectivity options or those using a data connection.

WhatsApp adds support for HD pictures

Meta adds the ability to monitor campaigns with branded content to the ad library

Meta has added a new tool to its Ads Library. The capability offers marketers a better view of how competitors engage with influencers and creators on Facebook or Instagram.

You can search for a platform, a date range, and any user by their username. However, limitations may also exist as the latest campaigns are not displayed in real time.

Instagram adds a new option to reply to a comment

Instagram is adding the ability to share arbitrary comments from public posts and Reels directly to Stories.

Click on the reply to comment option, and a new sharing option will appear via the camera icon. The comment will then appear as a new type of sticker you can place anywhere in your Stories.

Reply to comment in Instagram