In search engine marketing, keywords are terms a searcher enters into a search box through typed text or a voice command converted to text by a search engine.


Keywords can be short (short tail) consisting of up to three words, e.g., “iron” or “mountain bikes”, or long (long tail) consisting of three/four or more words, e.g., “post office opening hours during lockdown”.

Keywords can be a mixture of nouns with different attributes, e.g., “Adidas sweatpants black,” or also take the form of a question, e.g., “When does Easter start in 2021?”. With the rise of voice search, keywords are more often in the nature of interrogative sentences.

When selecting keywords for the web or advertising, we look at various statistics, such as the volume of keyword searches, their relevance to the topic, or their competitiveness. We work with keywords in keyword analysis and subsequent customization of web content. They are also used when setting up paid search campaigns.

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For example, a keyword is a one-word or multi-word phrase that summarizes a specific topic discussed in a blog article. It can also be a term that occurs frequently and plays a crucial role in the report. However, keywords are the basis of internet searches and our way to customers.


Example of Keyword in Google