A Prompt is a question, command, or assertion you insert into an AI model to initiate a response or action using natural language processing technology. It serves as a starting point for the model’s generation process and directs it to generate relevant content to the question or assertion. The quality of the prompt can significantly affect the quality and relevance of the output generated through AI.


A Prompt is an assignment that you instruct. This refers to generating text, solving a problem, answering a question, etc. Advanced AI models (ChatGPT…) also handle tasks such as image prompts or text-to-image models. You can make these prompts by testing them, finding them online, or using various AI prompt generators. 

The two main characteristics of a good AI prompt are “richness” and “specification.” You can also find these terms online under rich or specific prompts.

Rich prompt

A rich prompt provides the AI model with deep context and lots of detail, allowing it to have a clear and comprehensive picture of the task at hand. 

Example: instead of a simple “Write an email” command, a rich prompt would read, “Write an enthusiastic yet professional email for a potential client in the technology sector.”

Specific prompt

This prompt focuses on the accuracy and clarity of instructions to the AI. It eliminates any ambiguity and tries to provide precise instructions. 

Example: instead of the general command, “Write an article on AI,” a specific prompt would read, “Write a 500-word article highlighting three recent advances in AI for the general public.”

These features are crucial to achieving optimal AI outputs, so they are ideal when combined in a prompt.

An Example of a prompt
Source: Chatsonic Prompt Library