Keyword analysis, or keyword research in online marketing for search engines, is the processing of available data that provides an image primarily of what people are looking for in search engines, in what volume, and with what intention they are looking for the output format they require.



A keyword analysis is processing key terms that can bring visitors to a website through organic or paid search. Every search engine marketing campaign usually begins with such an analysis.

In the analysis of keywords, as a rule, individual terms are classified into subcategories and also divided according to different indicators, such as product color, city, target group, etc. For separate terms, an important metric is the average monthly search volume.


Thanks to keyword analysis, it is possible, for example:

  • Adapt the structure of the entrance pages on the website,
  • to get incentives for the creation of information-oriented content (mainly a blog) to increase organic search traffic and thus also brand awareness,
  • adapt the structure of the campaign in paid search,
  • better set budgets in paid search campaigns,
  • to reveal the new potential for expanding the portfolio of offered goods or services,
  • evaluate the possibility of other markets.