The home page is the first page that appears when you open a web browser or click the home button on your browser. It serves as a starting point for the user when using the Internet and provides access to important information, services, or features.


When constructing the home page, you should ensure that this landing page is straightforward and comprehensive. The goal is to make the purpose and use of the home page immediately recognizable to the visitor while maintaining quick access to the most important information (e.g., by using navigation links).

The homepage should have a clear and well-structured design, the information should be arranged in a hierarchical and logical way; it is necessary to keep the published information up-to-date while maintaining relevance for the readers.

To avoid visitor churn, ensure that the homepage is optimized for fast loading and compatibility with different types of devices (e.g., mobile, tablet); implementing analytics tools will give you insight into whether your site is meeting the needs of your visitors.

What should you concentrate on: Does your site require a login or disclose sensitive information? Remember to take adequate security measures to protect users’ personal information.

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