A FAQ is a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers about a given topic, company, product, or service posted on the web. It can be a stand-alone page or part of a blog article.


FAQs are usually located at the bottom of the site and can exist either as a link to another page where the questions are more broken down or, in the case of a small site, the FAQs can be broken down underneath.

They can also be divided into different subcategories, such as:

  • Transport
  • Payment
  • Complaints
  • Cancellation
  • And other…

How to find out the most common questions?

You will discover them in several ways:

  • You can find them in the keyword analysis,
  • you collect them directly from users who write/call you, etc,
  • you get inspiration from your competitors, etc.

Structured data for FAQs

Pages that contain an FAQ section should incorporate FAQ (FAQPage, Question, Answer) structured data.


Example of FAQ section on

An example of a FAQ section on website