Brainstorming is a process of solving a task or problem in a creative way, which has many forms. For example, we often encounter brainstorming as a group discussion, which aims to generate many different ideas or solve the given problem in the shortest possible time. Since it is a guided form of discussion, it has its structure and rules that should be followed.


More heads, more brains. This is also how you could easily describe brainstorming. At the same time, brainstorming is one of the rare cases where quantity is allowed to exceed quality. As we mentioned above, even brainstorming has its own rules, for example:

  • prohibition of criticism and expressing disagreement with another person,
  • writing down individual ideas so that they are also visible to other participants in the discussion,
  • the moderator does not enter the discussion or present his ideas; he writes down thoughts and oversees these rules.

Brainstorming participants do not have to be experts in the given topic. However, they must have a good understanding of the issue they will discuss. The combination of expertise and lack of knowledge of the candidates in the discussion creates unconventional, diverse, and innovative ideas.