BlueWinston is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product for better and faster creation of advertising campaigns with the help of automation.


BlueWinston offers the possibility to create and manage all five most famous types of product campaigns for your e-shop:

  • Text ads for products,
  • Text ads for product groups,
  • Dynamic product ads,
  • Smart Google Shopping,
  • Text ads for terms that are searched for in your online store.

In addition to automating the process of creating advertising campaigns, Blue Winston also covers the automatic creation of relevant keywords together with a template for text ads. Thanks to these options, your campaigns will be highly personalized for customers, and you can expect to see an increase in the value of click-throughs from the ad to the landing page (CTR).

 Blue Winston works mainly based on the product XML feed, allowing it to create a unique, not generic, advertisement for every product offered on your e-shop.

The tool can also help with the subsequent optimization of the performance of already launched ads. In addition, it can use nested scripts and rules to control bidding and other aspects affecting ad performance in the short term.

Blue Winston is a service recommended especially for small and medium-sized online stores, which can save a lot of time and increase the power of their online advertising quickly. Users have perfect insight into how their advertising is doing and what results it is achieving. Based on this data, they can then make informed decisions and plan further marketing goals in their online advertising or simply take care of the maintenance of already launched campaigns.

Thus, the Blue Winston tool saves users time, brings relevant traffic to the e-shop, improves the growth of key metrics of paid advertising, and at the same time, saves costs for creating and managing advertising campaigns.

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