Bidding Fox is an automated bidding tool in Mergad, with which you can correctly manage bidding strategies on and the Czech comparison site Zboží.cz. This tool will also help you evaluate which products are suitable for bidding and which should not be advertised. By bidding, you increase the price per click on the product, making your offer more visible compared to the competition.


You can also try Bidding Fox in the free version for 30 days. In the first few days, you will know how you are doing with your offer. Activation in Mergad and also the connection with analytics are required.

During the initial audit of your product feed, you will learn in which positions your products or offers are placed in individual categories. You will also learn about the price difference between products and your competition. Finally, you will also know which products are getting traffic but not converting.

You can choose a suitable strategy based on the obtained data and divide products according to margin, for example. Then, select the products and think about which position you want to bid on your offer. You can also choose a PNO limiting strategy.

Determine the rules for bidding at its maximum. Then, you can continue advertising those products or temporarily suspend them until the PNO drops. When using Bidding Fox, it is important to have the PPC mode activated on, conversion measurement set, and a certificate verified by customers.