B2C (or Business-to-Customer) sells products or services between a company and an end consumer. Such a relationship, implemented on the Internet and through virtual stores or web applications, is known as e-commerce.


Closely related to B2C sales is B2C marketing, which focuses on strategies and procedures that a company uses when selling products or services to its customers. Unlike B2B marketing, such campaigns do not focus exclusively on the advantages of goods or services. Emotions are also important.

End consumers search for and purchase products virtually instantly, often without market research. Therefore, the key to a successful campaign in the B2C segment is to know your customers and understand their shopping habits and personal preferences. B2C advertising should therefore be clear and understandable, emphasizing the benefits the customer will get by purchasing a product or service.

The most popular ways to increase sales and brand awareness online include the following:

  • SEO,
  • PPC campaigns,
  • email marketing,
  • marketing on social networks,
  • content marketing.