Affiliate marketing represents a specific type of working cooperation between a company/seller and an intermediary (affiliate partner), during which the product or service of the given company is promoted by another person (intermediary) on various communication channels, ideally to a relevant target group.


Affiliate marketing aims to expand communication channels, reach new potential customers, and convert. These can vary, but most often, it is about sales.

For companies to have an overview of the affiliate program’s success, they assign a unique code to the intermediary through which the company can measure its success. In affiliate marketing, it is important for the intermediary that the customers to whom he sold the product or service use his code at the time of payment or final conversion. In this way, both parties get an overview of the effectiveness of cooperation, while the intermediary receives a commission for each new customer who uses the code. The method and amount of commissions depend on the mutual agreement between the company and the affiliate partner.


One of the advertising affiliate networks is, for example, .dognet.