In marketing, the account manager is an important link between the agency and its clients. He is the person who supervises the cooperation, communicates with the client, and also coordinates projects and his colleagues in the agency.


They say that a satisfied client is the most important. Even if it doesn’t apply to everyone, it certainly applies to the account manager. She ensures that the agency delivers to the client what it promised and keeps the deadline and budget it had. For the whole team, he is a businessman and, at the same time, a client representative. He must formulate his needs and give clear assignments to his colleagues, usually in the form of a brief, which he prepares with the client at the beginning of the cooperation.

He oversees the strategy’s implementation and ensures that both the client and the agency are satisfied. The Account must be someone both parties can contact with any questions or requests, if necessary.

Therefore, account work may be challenging. It requires a great deal of expertise and sometimes patience.