Above the fold is the top part of the web page that users will see without scrolling down. The first impression is important, so there should be interesting and engaging content above the fold, i.e., the turn of the page.


The concept of above-the-fold dates back to the days when digital marketing did not exist and newspapers were sold at newsstands on every corner. These were folded in half on the counters, so passers-by could only see the top half of the title page. Publishers quickly realized they had to put the most exciting headlines and images in this section to attract customers.

Nowadays, the term above the fold is mainly associated with websites, but the principle remains the same. Websites don’t have a physical fold like a newspaper, but a fold is a part that users see first when they arrive at the site. Therefore, this section should contain key content to achieving your business goals. Content should immediately grab attention and match what the user is looking for. Otherwise, it leaves and probably opens a site to the competition.

With so many different devices, screen sizes, and resolutions, it isn’t easy to define exactly where above the fold ends. However, it is generally 1000×600 pixels.