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A digital marketing agency with approximately 50 specialists - this is us, VISIBILITY. Everything we do is done with love. In 6 years of our work, we have gained invaluable experience in the market and we are happy to share it with you. Our mission is education. We are not afraid to share our know-how.

After a lot of endeavour, we have become a top-class Google partner agency with annual turnover
of 5 million Euros in on-line media. We speak the following languages:
Slovak ~ Czech ~ Polish ~ Hungarian ~ English ~ Russian

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We will be happy to welcome you in our offices. We are based right in the heart of Europe. You can find us in our office in Bratislava (Slovakia) and also in Prague (Czech Republic). Moreover, you can meet some of our specialists in other regions of Central and Eastern Europe.

We live and work in CEE region; we are familiar with the local market and have experience with clients from various business areas.

This is what we can do for you

SETUP of online business in CEE region:
SETUP a business with our local partners
Localization of your website and local content
Market research and online marketing strategy
Local contacts (authorities, distribution, resellers, law etc.)

Ongoing online marketing support:
Search engine marketing (SEO and PPC campaigns)
Price comparison and shopping sites
Content marketing and social media
Creativity, banners, landing pages
Online PR
Local communication support

CEE and regions where we work

Digital Marketers Specialized in Targeting Audiences in Belarus Digital Marketers Specialized in Targeting Audiences in Czech Republic Digital Marketers Specialized in Targeting Audiences in Croatia Digital Marketers Specialized in Targeting Audiences in Hungary Digital Marketers Specialized in Targeting Audiences in Poland Digital Marketers Specialized in Pay Per Click in Romania Digital Marketers Specialized SEO and Targeting Audiences in Russia Digital Marketers Specialized in Targeting Audiences in Slovakia Digital Marketers Specialized in Targeting Audiences in Slovenia Online Marketers Specialized in SEO and Targeting Audiences in Ukraine

The red and blue colours mark the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region with a minimum of 15 online markets and online population of 200 million.

We focus on the following key markets:
Slovakia (4.5M vs. 3.5M online)
Czech Republic (10.5M vs. 9.3M online)
Poland (38.5M vs. 28M online)
Hungary (9.8M vs. 7.9M online)

Total of online inhabitants: 48.7M

Other markets we are planning to cover:
Ukraine (44.6M vs. 20M online)
Russia (143M vs. 102M online)
Bulgaria (7M vs. 4.2M online)
Romania (19.4M vs. 11.2M online)
Slovenia (2.1M vs. 1.5M online)
Croatia (4.2M vs. 3.1M online)
Belarus (9.5M vs. 5.8M online)

Total of online inhabitants: 147.8Ms

Online marketing in Poland

Poland is an advanced country where almost 10 million users buy online. Almost 46% of them buy online regularly. Most of these purchases stay in the country as 45% of users buy in Polish e-shops. They trust domestic internet shops most. They are not worried about their privacy and data security. Furthermore, the price of delivery is lower and, of course, language barrier plays an important role, too.

Poland- internet market overview

Poland is one of the biggest European countries. With population of 38 million it ranks 9th after Spain and Ukraine and before Romania. Another a couple of million Polish live abroad.

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Poland has been a member of European Union since 2004, but it is still using its own currency Polish Zloty (1 EUR is 4.2 Zlotys). GDP reaches 500 billion USD (top 10 countries in Europe), average gross salary is almost 1000 EUR per month and together with almost 20 million workforce it makes Poland a very strong country in Europe as well as globally.

More than 33% of population speaks English, Russian language is also popular (26%) and German is spoken by 19% of population. Poland can be described as services based country (almost 60% of economy), industry creates another 30% of its economy.

Export and import are pretty much balanced at 150 billion EUR each. In both cases Germany is the main partner (27% of all import and export trades).

Technology wise, Polish catch up in general with western Europe in terms of internet usage and mobile technology. Due to market size, big ecommerce players have grown there and developed the ecommerce market significantly.

Internet population is 76%, which is together almost 30 million people. Almost half of internet population has made online purchase and 10% is used to shop online abroad. Annual e-commerce growth has been around 20% for past years and is predicted to keep the pace in the following period.

1. Consumer behaviour- shopping and trends

The main reasons, why Polish shop online are lower prices, nonstop availability for shopping and no need to go to brick store. The main shopping categories are fashion (72%), books and movies (68%) and phones and accessories (56%).

Top trending categories for the near future are travel, movies and sport fashion.

The highest ROPO (research online, purchase offline) effect is at building and construction materials (54%), home appliances (45%) and fashion, shoes and pharmaceutics (all above 40%).

If we look at average monthly spend for online shopping, leading category of goods is fashion and shoes (around 80 zl= 20 EUR), movies and books (37 zl= 9 EUR) and movie and theatre tickets (36 zl= 8,5 EUR).

2. Search engines

Poland is one of the countries in the world, where Google has almost no competition. With over 95% of the search engine market share, hardly any Polish uses something else. There are Bing with 3% and Yahoo with 1% left alone. Current situation can be found at:

3. Social networks

Polish internet users has been always very active on social networks. Since 2006, the main social network had been Nasza Klasa which was later on overtaken by Facebook and current situation looks like this:

  • Facebook: 15 mln users
  • Instagram: 2.5 mln
  • Twitter: about 1 mln
  • Linkedin: about 1 mln

3. Main advertising platforms and systems

If we look at the main advertising systems in the country, there are two main ones having over 80% of ad serving usage, Google Display Network and Adkontekst. The second mentioned is a local advertising system for ad serving as well as content marketing.

Network / Popularity

Google Display Network 89,5% Adkontekst 84,2%
BusinessClick 57,9% ContentStream 47,4%
AdTaily 31,6% Nextclick 21,1%
AdSearch (Interia) 10,5% SmartContext 5,3%

In 2015, online ad spend hit a record of 3.17 billion zlotys (around 750 million EUR).

5. Main price comparison sites

Price comparison is a very popular service among Polish internet users. Top 4 having more than 10 million real users per month. Far the biggest is 6 mln 2,2 mln 2,3 mln 1,7 mln

6. Main news sites and internet portals

Poland has hundreds of mainstream as well as local news portals. However, we can identify some biggest ones in terms of traffic and popularity:


7. Main e-commerce players

A very rich e-commerce scene in Poland has some leaders, such as:


However, the most popular eshops and e-commerce sites are mix of local firms and international players such as AliExpres or Zalando:

Brand awareness of e-commerce sites among Polish online shoppers:

8. Payment methods and logistics

Prefered payments methods in Poland are as follows:

It means that the most popular payment method is one of the most common online payment gateways such as PayU, Przelewy24 and Dotpay. It is followed by paying cash at the courier. Wire transfers, credit cards and paying in the store are equally popular at third place.

If we look more closely on the most popular online payment gateways, PayU is far the most popular, followed by Prezlewy24 and Dotpay. Others are minor in usage.

Other research of online payment preferences in Poland show cash on delivery as the most common (45%) and wire transfer being the second (35%):

There are also some specific preferences in terms of logistic companies for Polish online shoppers. Most preferred logistic companies are DHL and DPD, being ahead of others:


Polish online market is one of the biggest in Europe making it really interesting especially for big ecommerce players from abroad. They have tuned up their logistics, products and website and can compete with local eshops with low prices.

Special thanks to Radoslaw Rejman for helping writing this article (


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